The Anglican Church of Saint John the Baptist Traditional Anglo-Catholic Worship

loudoun county churches

Welcome to the Anglican Church of Saint John the Baptist.   We are an Anglo-Catholic parish serving Fauquier county, Loudoun County and environs.

We are an active and growing network of families throughout Fauquier County, Loudoun County, and northern Virginia.  We are committed to traditional Anglo-Catholic worship.  We use the historic 1928 Book of Common Prayer.    We draw parishioners from nearly a fifty mile radius of  Marshall, Virginia.

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In the blog pages, you will find Audio, text, and abridged versions of the sermons.  Taken together, they will give you a rounded view of our spiritual foundation.   We hope you will sign up to get more involved.

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We are members of the Diocese of the Holy Cross
But above all, know that the traditional liturgy assists us in moving past our self-centeredness.   We try to more fully become aware of God’s presence.   In the Mass, we gather together in His presence “with Angels and Archangels, and with all the company of heaven.”

Loudoun County Churches